Waldorf web sites in South Africa

Roseway Waldorf School KZN
South African Federation of Waldorf Schools
Centre for Creative Education
Michael Oak Waldorf School Cape Town
GAIA Waldorf School Cape Town
The Novalis Institute Cape Town
Khanyisa School for Supportive Education

Waldorf web sites globally
Austrian Association of Waldorf Schools
Danish Association of Waldorf Schools
German Association of Waldorf Schools
Italian Association of Waldorf Schools
Netherlands Association of Waldorf Schools
North American Association of Waldorf Schools
Norwegian Association of Waldorf Schools
Swedish Association of Waldorf Schools
Camphill Association of America

School Lists (addresses etc
The Danish Rudolf Steiner Schools Association
Directory of Waldorf Education in Australia
Directory of Waldorf Schools in Austria in German
Directory of Waldorf Schools in Denmark
Directory of Waldorf Schools in France
Directory of Waldorf Schools in Italy
Directory of Waldorf Education in Latin America
Directory of Waldorf Schools in New Zealand
Directory of Waldorf Schools in North American

Useful Sites and information
Alliance for Childhood - UK
Alliance for Childhood - US
Bob and Nancy's Home Page
European Federation of Steiner Waldorf School Parents
Famous ex-Waldorf Pupils
Steiner Education - basic information & links
The Green Mountain Waldorf School "un-TV" Guide
The Hiram Trust
Youth Internship Directory of the A.S. in America
Waldorf-Net (in German)
Waldorf Education on the Web
Waldorf Shop Network

Waldorf Home Schooling
Waldorf Without Walls

Waldorf Shopping
Toy Spectrum
Myriad - toys, books etc

Internet Mailing Lists

Waldorf Education Mailing List

Anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner
Anthroposophical Society in America
Anthroposophische Gesellschaft
German Anthroposophical Books
Goetheanum Home Page

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute
Moving Word Theatre
Rudolf Steiner Archive
Rudolf Steiner Press
Search Anthroposophy Worldwide

Sagittar Typefaces (Steiner Inspired)

Mailing Lists
Anthroposophical Science Mailing List