School principles
  The Roseway Waldorf School is run according to the educational principles outlined by Dr Rudolf Steiner. Though an independent school, it is a member of the Federation of Waldorf Schools in South Africa.

  Organisational structure
  The Roseway Waldorf School Association ....
.... is the legal body of the School. Its members comprise of parents, friends and staff of the Waldorf School. Membership ensures your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting.

The Board of Directors of the Association ....
.... is responsible for all legal and financial matters concerning the school and for the overall control of the Roseway Waldorf School Association. The current members of the Board are: Daryl Schreiber (Chairperson), Ian Cuthbert (Treasurer), Lundy Kruger/Beth Gretton (Secretary), Tessa Dawson, Michaël Merle, Gerhard Siepker, Jane Markham, Leanda Walford.

The College of Teachers ....
.... administers the School and is responsible for all matters relating to educational policy, staffing, policies and organization of school activities. The Chairperson is elected for a period of time, but decisions are reached by consensus. Our current Chairperson is Tessa Dawson.

The Body of Teachers ....
.... consists of all class teachers, specialist teachers and part-time teachers, who meet regularly once a week to discuss matters relating to school activities.

The Mandate System
....comprises of several core groups focused on specific areas. These are co-ordinated by the College. The mandate that deals with everyday issues and acts as a filter for the College is the Management Mandate.
Management Members: Michaël Merle (Convenor), Tessa Dawson, Mornay Fortuin, Mandy Futter and Susie Trinder.

It is to the Management Mandate that any queries / concerns or issues can be addressed. Any parents wishing to correspond with the school on general issues or a specific issue that requires the school's response are asked to address such correspondence to the Convenor Management Mandate: The Mandate will forward correspondence to the relevant body.

The Parents' Association ....
.... is an integral part of the school body, involved in both fund raising and helping to promote the public image of Roseway. It meets monthly and has combined meetings with the College of Teachers and Board of Directors when necessary. All parents are welcome to attend the PA meetings and offer any input they feel necessary. Please feel free to contact any one of these members with any suggestions, perceptions or queries you may have.


  Calendar of Events 2004
St. John's Wednesday 23 June
Michaelmas Wednesday 22 September
Advent Monday 6 December
Plays, Cultural Events and Outings  
Steiner's Birthday Outing Friday 27 February
Class 12 Play Wednesday 24 - Thursday 25 March
High School Cultural Evening To be announced
Shepherd's Play Wednesday 1 December
Class 12 Projects Wednesday 15 September.
Work Experience Presentations To be announced
Parents Evenings  
New Parents Evening Wednesday 11 February
Introductory Talks  
Term 1 Introductory Talk Saturday 13 March 9.30 for 10.00am
Term 2 Introductory Talk Saturday 12 June 9.30 for 10.00am
Term 3 Introductory Talk Saturday 14 August 9.30 for 10.00am
Term 4 Introductory Talk Saturday 13 November 9.30 for 10.00am
Annual General Meetings  
Board AGM Wednesday 17 March 7.00pm
PA AGM Wednesday 25 February 7.00pm
Markets & Functions  
Moonlight Market Saturday 5 June
Roseway Ramble Saturday 28 August
Christmas Market Saturday 27 November
Sports Day  
Primary School Friday 20 August
High School Thursday 19 August

  School terms and times
1st term Tuesday 20 January Friday 26 March
2nd term Tuesday 20 April Thursday 1 July
3rd term Wednesday 21 July Thursday 23 September
4th term Tuesday 5 October Wednesday 8 December

Class Starts Closes
Kindergarten 7,45am 12,15pm
Classes 1 and 2 7,45am 12,10pm
Classes 3 to 7
except Thursdays
Classes 8 to 13
except Thursdays
* School closes at 11 am on the first and last day of the year.
* School closes at 12,10 noon on the last day of every term.
* The kindergarten classes always close one day earlier than the rest of the school.

  Aftercare Service
Full-Time Monthly Rates
Casual Daily Rates
Junior half-day: 12,10 to 2,00pm R260,00    
Junior full-day: 12,10 to 5,30pm R360,00 12,10 to 2,30pm R15,00
Senior half-day: 2,00 to 5,30pm R275,00    
Bus children R110,00 12,10 to 5,30pm R25,00
    2,00 to 5,30pm R20,00
These rates include a nutritious lunch and juice. The children who stay until 5:30pm will get an afternoon snack and juice. For more information, please contact Minnie Oosthuizen. The telephone number at the Aftercare Centre is 765 6807.

  School fees

The Roseway Waldorf School Association is a private organization, and is funded privately. The school fees are used to ensure the smooth functioning of the school and payment of salaries. The preferred method of payment is by debit order. The Bursar can assist you with organizing this.

Fees Per Term
Class First Child Second Child Third Child
Playgroup R1 395,00 R1 185,00 R765,00
Kindergarten R2 235,00 R2 100,00 R2 055,00
Classes 1 to 3 R3 765,00 R3 120,00 R2 115,00
Classes 4 to 6 R4 275,00 R3 555,00 R2 430,00
Classes 7 to 9 R5 085,00 R4 215,00 R2 880,00
Classes 10 to 12 R5 295,00 R4 380,00 R2 955,00
Class 13 R5 505,00 R4 530,00 R3 060,00

Fees Per Month
Class First Child Second Child Third Child
Playgroup R465,00 R395,00 R255,00
Kindergarten R745,00 R700,00 R685,00
Classes 1 to 3 R1 255,00 R1 040,00 R705,00
Classes 4 to 6 R1 425,00 R1 185,00 R810,00
Classes 7 to 9 R1 695,00 R1 405,00 R960,00
Classes 10 to 12 R1 765,00 R1 460,00 R985,00
Class 13 R1 835,00 R1 510,00 R1 020,00


  • To receive a 6% discount fees for the year are to be paid in full by 23 January.
  • To receive discount of 3%, 1/2 the school fees for the year are to be paid on 23 January and 23 July 2004.
  • To receive a discount of 2.5% for advance payment, fees are to be paid by the first (1st) Friday of the term. To receive a 1% discount parents are encouraged to pay by debit order.
  • Interest on overdue accounts will be charged at 18% per annum (1,5% per month).
  • We presently receive a small subsidy from the government, but parents are to be prepared for an increase should this subsidy be withdrawn.

  Teacher training

Part-time Teacher Training Foundation Course
This course is for teachers, prospective teachers, parents and individuals who have a tertiary qualification and are interested in, or wish to specialize in, Waldorf Education. This course is co-ordinated by Bernard Hurner.

  • Pre-primary, primary and high school
  • Learn interesting techniques that will enliven and balance your teaching
  • Learn new arts and crafts: storytelling, blackboard drawing, painting,
    movement, woodwork, puppetry, music, eurythmy.

Time: Tuesday afternoons 3.00pm to 6.30pm

3.00 - 3.30 Artistic work for personal development
3.30 - 4.45 Art or craft work with possible classroom application
4.45 - 5.00 Tea
5.00 - 6.30 Main lesson, lectures, discussions and activities around the theme.

Enquiries: Contact Arlene Cairns on 031 765 5309