"The great thing is to enable the human being to find his or her place in the world with due confidence in his or her power of judgement." Rudolf Steiner

Cultural evening drama presentation

In our teaching of the adolescent, we appeal to the awakened power of independent thinking and judgement. Mindful of the educational principal that all teaching must contribute to a more thorough knowledge of life, we offer a rich, comprehensive curriculum throughout all the high school years.

The curriculum of the high school evolves to accommodate the adolescent's emerging capacity for analytical thought. All subjects are taught by specialist who expect their students to exhibit an increasing degree of independent thinking, mature expression and responsible action.

Students continue to compose their own Main Lesson workbooks, which now express more original thought and design. The honing of the cognitive thinking power through the academic subjects, such as mathematics, science, literature, history, geography and languages, is complemented with the development of the creative faculties through the arts of music, painting, modelling, drama and eurythmy.

Creative imagination is schooled through disciplined artistic experience to become an integral component of intelligence necessary for the enjoyment of culture.

Learning to work skilfully with one's hands requires patience, practice, perserverance and precision. These qualitites transfer to life's circumstances as needed. Carpentry, weaving, metalwork, bookbinding, gardening, handwork, all practical subjects are distributed over the high school years.

How the curriculum is formulated...

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High school students learning
trigonometry using a theodolight

Development of the creative faculties
is through the arts of music,
painting, modelling, drama and eurythmy.

The new high school building, completed in 1999.