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Mankweng, Limpopo province

Learning is our turf

The University of the North (UNIN) was established in 1959. Its primary objective is to produce knowledgeable, articulate and creative citizens with strong leadership skills who are committed to serving society. UNIN is dedicated to excellence in teaching, learning and research. Nine of South Africa's top political leaders are graduates the University.

In January 2005 the University of the North will merge with the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA) to form the University of Limpopo.

The University nestles on the foothills of the Hwiti Mountain, approximately 35 kilometres east of Polokwane City in the Limpopo province.

Faculties and Schools
UNIN boasts eleven schools in the three faculties: Humanities Management Sciences & Law and Sciences, Health and Agriculture. The Schools are Education, Law, Health Sciences, Computational and Mathematical Sciences, Languages and Communication Studies, Social Sciences, Molecular and Life Sciences, Physical and Mineral Sciences, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Economics and Management and the Graduate School of Leadership.

Research programmes
The University has outstanding research credentials and is rated highly in South Africa and internationally. Most research projects are supported by the National Research Foundation.

Facilities and services
The University provides for a balanced lifestyle with ample modern facilities and services. UNIN has a spacious Library and Computer facilities that are readily available for use during weekends. Most of the sporting codes are catered for.

Financial aid, scholarships, bursaries
Every effort is made to provide financial assistance to deserving students by means of scholarships and bursaries.

Entrance requirements
To qualify for admission, students must posses a matriculation exemption or can get access through the Alternative Admission Programme.

University of the North

Private Bag X1106
Sovenga 0727 South Africa
Tel: +27 (0)15 268 2121 (Information)
Tel: +27 (0)15 268 2689 (Student Development and Support Services)


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