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Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela metropole, Eastern Cape

Building a new-world university

A new university will be born on 1 January 2005 when the Port Elizabeth Technikon and the University of Port Elizabeth (UPE) merge to form Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU).

The main campuses of these two institutions are situated in the coastal city of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape on the south-eastern coast of South Africa. The Eastern Cape is the home province of former president Nelson Mandela. Port Elizabeth, together with its neighbouring towns of Uitenhage and Despatch, form a metropole known as Nelson Mandela Bay.

The new university will have some 20 000 students enrolled across eight campuses in the Nelson Mandela Metropole and in George on the Garden Route of the Southern Cape. NMMU will offer a wide variety of courses ranging from career-oriented to traditional academic programmes, in diverse fields with multiple exit and entry points.

The creation of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University is part of a countrywide restructuring process intended to deliver higher education that is more effective and efficient, accessible and equitable. The new system aims to meet the demand for high quality education that is responsive to the region’s and South Africa’s needs, as well as in tune with the global village.

Enrolments and courses from 2005
In 2005, all students will enrol at NMMU, at campuses designated during 2004. Courses currently offered at the University of Port Elizabeth and Port Elizabeth Technikon will continue to be offered and admission requirements will remain the same during the initial period. New courses, rules and options to study at different campuses will be introduced.

The new university will offer both career-focussed and academic programmes – from foundation programmes to certificates and diplomas through to university degrees up to doctoral level. The number of levels, and wide range of disciplines, will lead to greater accessibility and flexibility for students.

Admission requirements
Admission requirements will vary depending on the programme. International students are advised to contact the International Office for further information.
A name to be proud of The Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) is named after the Nelson Mandela Metropole where the University of Port Elizabeth and the Port Elizabeth Technikons are situated. Importantly, we are happy to share the name of one of our most respected citizens with the metropole. Nelson Mandela is a statesman and humanitarian of world stature. The new university is likely to closely align itself with his values, such as freedom, unity, reconciliation, transformation, and respect for human dignity. Our graduates will go out into the world with a qualification bearing a name that is instantly recognizable and internationally respected.

NMMU will boast eight campuses – six in the Nelson Mandela Metropole, spread across a cross-section of advantaged and disadvantaged areas, and two in George on the Garden Route, approximately halfway between the Nelson Mandela Metropole and Cape Town, and famed for its scenic beauty.

New fee structures have not yet been decided. International students should contact the International Office in this regard.

Students who enrol at NMMU from 2005 onwards will receive qualifications from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Quality of education
The founding institutions, the University of Port Elizabeth and the Port Elizabeth Technikon, have worked hard to reach their current high standards and will work just as hard to preserve them. The joining of strengths and the opportunity to design new processes and courses will lead to even more relevant and excellent higher education qualifications.

Accreditation by professional bodies
Current accreditations and recognition will be carried through into NMMU. The professional accreditation of courses such as accounting, architecture, psychology, pharmacy, law and engineering will be carried through into the new institution because, initially, the same courses will be offered as are offered now.

International recognition
As a recognised South African university, qualifications from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University will be internationally recognized.

Research, both applied and fundamental, is one of the core business areas of a university. It is the way in which tertiary institutions makes a contribution to growth and development in industry and society. Both the Port Elizabeth Technikon and the University of Port Elizabeth have excellent research track records. The merger of these two esteemed institutions is set to strengthen existing research niche areas and centres of excellence and to boost new and exciting research synergies.

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