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Site Updated - 12/03/03

Local Economic Development is one of the key features of our contemporary era. In a world characterized by constant change, the overlapping forces of globalization, decentralization and democratization have led to the situation in which local decision-makers and citizens have gained an increasing say over economic and social development in the localities in which they live.

Local Economic Development (LED) occurs when communities, government and the business sector, usually acting in partnership, start to engage in activities to improve local social-economic conditions.

This web page has been developed in response in the increasing incidence of locality based initiatives in South Africa's cities, towns and villages and has been set-up to:

  • encourage LED activities
  • to share best practice
  • to inform practitioners of policy, research and key events
  • to host an LED newsletter.

The page does not reflect the views any particular stake-holder group but rather has been set up as an open forum to promote LED in general. It has initially been set up by the Cato Manor Development Agency and academic staff from Rhodes University.

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An inititiative of Cato Manor Development Association and Department of Geography, Rhodes University
Sponsored by: Cato Manor Development Association
Wim Eising: Manager: LED: CMDA, Tel: 031- 261 6640
Etienne Nel: Head Geography Department: Rhodes University, Tel: 046- 603 8320/19
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