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M a n t r a m e d i a

A Dream of Hope
Cato Manor Tourism is a community lead initiative to create jobs through tourism by stimulating the development of tours, arts and crafts and traditional song and dance in this historically rich and culturally diverse area.

Once the site of forced removals, the multi-million rand development is a fine example of the rebirth of a community torn apart by apartheid.

Welcome to Cato Manor
Cato Manor Tourism offers a window to this world, and our visitor centre at the Intuthuko Junction is the gateway and starting point to a fascinating portrayal of this important chapter in South African history.

Here, you will find a museum, internet cafe, curio shop, conference centre and a tourist info booking office.

Accompany one of the community tour operators as they put you in touch with urban reality tourism by providing a guided an incisive look into life in Cato Manor.

Township tours give perspective and meaning to the history of the struggle and transformation a multi-cultural community has endured on the long and arduous road to freedom from oppression.

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